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I started raising Saanens the mid-1980's and had my first GCH in 1991. All of the does in my herd today can be traced back to that first GCH doe. I took some time off from showing and serious breeding while in college and when my children were small but I have finally found the time to get serious about our breeding program and have been blessed with type and production in our does.

Century Farm Dairy Goats utilizes DHIA, LA, and extensive showing to cultivate our herd and to ensure reliable genetics.

Herd Health

The health of the herd is a huge priority at our farm. All goats are tested annually for CAE and CL, with all animals in the herd negative. Fecal exams and milk quality testing are done as needed and treatments administered only when warranted by the results. As a bio-security  practice all animals coming into the herd (breeding bucks) are placed into quarantine, and tested for CAE, CL and Johnes before joining the herd. All animals are on a regular vaccination schedule. Kids are raised using CAE prevention methods and are tested for CAE before kidding.


Kids: A $50.00 deposit will hold the kid of your choice. All reserved kids must be picked up before 6 weeks of age or deposit and kid will be forfeited. The boarding of sold kids is possible for a fee.

Health certificate and TB testing are included in the price of the animal for animals being sold out of state.

Arrangements can be made for shipment out of the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport.

Barn Notes

Where does the time go? It seems like every year time goes a little faster, and I was under the assumption that once my children
got a little older I would have more time in the barn. In part that is true, however the kids have started showing their
own species - Rhode Island Reds & Bantam Barred Rocks (Katie), pedigreed Holland Lops and Nigerians (Quinn),
and Registered Red Angus (Cassie), and TJ is looking to find his niche. Al of which eat up time and money, but we
wouldn't give it up for the world!

2013 started tragically with a dog attach, my own dutiful LGD had some confusion with what I think was a difficult kidding.
A standoff occurred between him and the adult does in which many lost parts of ears and the kidding dam lost them completely,
as well as having a scarred face. Sadly, Mimosa will never be able to be shown again, with her 2 GCH legs, LA score of 90, and still
milking over 3000# that lactation is was a tough realization. The rest of kidding was  uneventful and we ended up with 16 does and 16 bucks.
The show season was a bit limited again this year but it was nice to have Merlot earn her SGCH.

In 2014 we will be freshening 15 Saanen does and 1 naughty Nigerian from March until June. With the nasty cold winter
It is nice to start planning the 2014 show year and await new babies.

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Thank you for your interest in Century Farm Dairy Goats.

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